Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Return to Semarang and Presentation to the Client

In the afternoon of the day that we came back to Semarang, we travelled to Salatiga to visit a furniture factory called Mulyo. While we were there, we learned a lot about the agro-forestry and wood production industry in Indonesia.

The next day we decided to walk around Semarang and visit some of the more well-known sights that the city offers. Our first destination was Lawang Sewu, which in Indonesian means "A Thousand Doors". It was built during Dutch colonial rule and now serves as a popular tourist destination.

On our way to the Semarang's old city, we took a wrong turn and walked in the opposite direction, which brought us to an old Catholic cathedral.

Then we walked around Semarang looking for dinner. We wound up in Semarang's China Town, where we saw several Chinese temples. And we also ended up having a delicious dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants there.

During the four last days that we stayed in Semarang, we compiled our research and notes from our interviews to create an PowerPoint presentation for Jabon Kendal's founder Pak Arda.

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