Monday, January 12, 2015

Departure to Kendal (the Mountain Pass)

On our second day in Indonesia, the team departed for Sukorejo. Sukorejo is a village in the Kendal regency, and is the main site of Kendal Jabon.

We were greeted by Pak Darusman, Ibu Darusman, and Pak Nurwanto with a table full of snacks and drinks.

The Jabon Kendal company is based out of Pak Ardha and Ibu Darusman's house. Pak Ardha and Ibu Darusman's son, Pak Ardha, spearheaded the effort to sell Jabon Kendal trees and founded the Jabon Kendal company. Pak Nurwanto is the manager of plant production at Jabon Kendal.

                                        Pak Narwanto showing us different types of trees the Jabon Kendal produces

After our snack, Pak Nurwanto took us on a tour of the Jabon Kendal site. He showed us where the tree saplings are grown, and where the saplings are stored once they are ready to be sold. 

Jabon Kendal workers adding fertilizer to saplings

That afternoon, a shipment of saplings was due for West Java, and so we pitched in a hand to load the truck as well.

Jabon Kendal workers loading the truck with a shipment set for West Java

Finished loading the shipment!

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