Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kendal (Day 3)

On our third day we interviewed Pak Arda, the founder and managing director of Jabon Kendal. We learned more about the company's desire to expand and diversify its product portfolio. Pak Arda especially emphasised his desire to enter the goat business, since this would allow him to produce  'circular economy' synergies. With this he would be able to use the excess weeds from their tree nursery to provide as fodder to feed the goats, and in turn goats would produce manure, which can be used as fertilizer for tree production.

Pak Arda (on the left)
Then we went to another village Tlogopayung where more lands are used there for planting Jabon. The team hiked up the mountain and the head of the village showed us how Jabon tree grows back after harvest.

In the evening we came to Pak Darusman's house for the last time to thank him and his family for the generosity and hospitality during our stay in Sukurejo.

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