Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kendal (Day 2)

We started our second day by visiting a local elementary school in Sukorejo. We gave a brief presentation about our individual countries, before mingling with students and taking lunch with the teachers.

Not very many foreigners visit this village, so our visit created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the children.

Afterwards, we left the schools and headed to a neighbouring village called Wonodadi. There we toured one of the Jabon Kendal sites, where they were planting Jabon trees. We were able to see how they were able to combat soil erosion by planting the trees on the critical, unused land.

On our way back to Sukorejo, we stumbled upon a performance of "Kuda Lumping", a traditional Javanese trance dance, where a group of dancers is dressed in beautiful motley costumes. The dance was accompanied by traditional Gamelan music.

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